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26" to 700c w/motolites??(4 posts)

26" to 700c w/motolites??gropple
Aug 27, 2001 2:12 PM
has anybody done this or know if it can be done??
thanks in advance for all input
What are monolites?Jan Gerrit Klok = "TUFO-man"
Sep 3, 2001 10:14 PM
What are monolites?swede16
Sep 4, 2001 10:07 AM
Motolites are V-brakes made by Paul. Paul's website highlites the fact that you can use 700c rims with your mtb frame with their Motolites, merely slide up the brake pad on the brake arm. It also claims that these brakes can be run with road levers without using a travel agent.
Now I rememberJan Gerrit Klok = "TUFO-man"
Sep 4, 2001 9:31 PM
Oh ok. I heard more folks talking about this (about other, simular brakesets) and if Paul claims so, why not believe him? Still, I'm afraid you may lose a lot of brakepower with that weird setup, long distance between pivot point and rim, the cable attached shortly above that. On the other hand, it seems logical that the altered brake-geometry will make STI levers work better on them...

Maybe the option I posted a few times here, with the ULTECH brake-adapters is not the most light or beautiful one, at least it's very cheap and you can easily use your regular V's + levers.