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Top of the line forks, anyone?(4 posts)

Top of the line forks, anyone?Jan Gerrit Klok = "TUFO-man"
Aug 9, 2001 1:29 PM
For my best of 2 crossers, a now 18,24lbs/8,3kg fully custom-built ultra-phat 7020 Duratec (, I need a good light fork. I now have an alu fork with steel pipe, but it's too flexy under braking, can't ride with it. Plus, it's much heavier than the full-alu fork in my MTB that I'm used to, 770g compared to 585g.
So now the question, where do I find a good under-650g fork in 1"? I heard of 400g forks, but I need at least 550g to be able to trust it.

Second question, what brakepads to use on Zipp Carbon rims? The hard pads I used to build the bike up proved more like they were licking the rims in stead of grabbing...
And what are the absolute best race-canti's on the market, in your opinion? I got Spooky's for this bike, but they're a PAIN to set up, and the rear brake seems to have much more sprind-preload, so hard to operate the lever.
re: Top of the line forks, anyone?bn
Aug 10, 2001 7:53 AM
re: Top of the line forks, anyone?Jan Gerrit Klok = "TUFO-man"
Aug 10, 2001 10:17 PM

I heard of the brand before, but never saw them anywhere in a shop here in Europe. They seem a tad pricey, but I'll give it a serious look, these fork seem to me like they're not just something...
re: Top of the line forks, anyone?aru
Aug 17, 2001 7:11 PM
try if you want the good stuff