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A few questionsJonathan Faro
Aug 5, 2001 5:13 AM
I've always been a bit intreged by cylocross and now have an oppertunity to get a GT cyclocross bike or a GT ZR 3.0 both at substantial discount. However I don't know which one to go for as I want a good all rounder which is fast on the roads but also robust as I use it to commute to work each day on roads which are really are in need of resurfacing. I am aiming to compete which ever I get. Can you please please answer these questions

How much will a Cross bike weigh (gt zrx)?
how fast will it be on the roads (I'm currently using a slicked up mtb)?
Will it be more robust then a race bike?
How easy is it to enter events (in england)
Will I be able to compete with just one bike as the pros have several don't they?
Can anyone recomend a ZRX, is it a good bike?
How the hell do you remount at speed? I've tried it with my MTB by gettign off on the right side (I'm right handed) then to remount putting my right foot onto the right peddle and swinging my left leg over which is not easy even on a 17.5inch haro escape at 10 MPH.
Finaly do people compete solely at cross or is it just training for road riders in the winter


Jonathan Faro
re: A few questionsJan Gerrit Klok
Aug 5, 2001 5:49 AM
Don't know about the GT, sorry.

Crossers should be fine for bad road communing, especially with extra wide tires. Always faster than an MTB, but is speed a concern for communting, really?

About competing in England, go see at

One bike is the minimum, 2 is better, 4 is ideal. Some trails will take hosing your bike during the race (had that in our Nationals), and some trails will be so fast and clean you will just have to dust your bike off to let it shine again. On a single bike you'll always be a moral winner...

Remounting. the idea is to swing over the saddle in a single jump, no stepping in between. Clicking in with both feet at the same time. Very dangerous at first, I'm sill very scared to become sterile after some bad timing...

Cross racing may be your goal in life or a way to stay fit during winter, whatever you make it. Bring your bike, have fun and give it all you got!

- A Dutch racer just getting started -
re: A few questionsJonathan Faro
Aug 7, 2001 11:53 AM
there could be a few problems with getting a GT. The UK stockist has gone belly up and even working in a bike store we can't get GT's that easly if at all. the other crosser we sell is the Jake the snake from kona but I don't thnik there should be sora on a £1000 bike when you get it on sub £300 bikes. I really cna only afford one bike and thats only because I'm getting it at 2/3 of the price. Speed is needed for commuting as I need to get to work on time and have a 10 mile or so each way commute. I'm still torn between a crosser and a road bike, something like the raleigh R400 or the saracen tourmalet. I'll have to think on it

cheers again

re: A few questionsJonathan Faro
Aug 8, 2001 11:14 AM
thats a few too many pennys for me mate. I cna only afford a bike with a recomended price around a grand cos of a discount voucher on top of staff discount. I'm going to find out if the GT X bike is available. I'm using a mtb at the moment so a high bottom brackets not really a problem. I reckon a X bikes the best option as the roads I ride will destroy a dedicated roadbike in about a day. I was thinking and without being sarcastic someone said when i asked about how many bikes you need that one minimumn, thats a bit obvious and just appeasled to my sarcastic sense of humour.

re: A few questionsBAM
Aug 5, 2001 10:41 AM
One of my co-workers just got a ZRX to use when he goes to college this fall. He got the 52c it weighed in at 23lbs +/- 1/4lb. I will say that the bike is speced nicely and has true cyclecross gearing (48/36 crank). The bike has the typical super stiff GT ride(read: carbon or suspension seatpost for offroad) and runs rather tall but has a normal top tube length for a 52c. I was not impressed with the rear brake and the way it had to be setup. I would replace the rear Avid brake with a Paul retro brake or an old Diacompe 980 or 983`s. If you plan on any racing think about the frame design and carrying it on your shoulder, not to mention the frames stiffness. Don`t get me wrong the bike is sweet and the color scheme is cool.
Jan Gerrit...Stampertje
Aug 6, 2001 12:22 PM do you "get started" in The Netherlands? I'm in the market for a new bike (I just converted my road bike to a fixed gear) and I'm considering a 'cross bike instead of a road bike after all the fun I had riding trails in the US. I will probably never get really serious (cyclocross overlaps the speedskating season too much), but I think it might be a lot of fun.
call Daphny Van Den Brand and ask her>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Aug 7, 2001 7:30 AM
re: A few questionsdug
Aug 8, 2001 9:33 AM
1. It depends on how it is built up. ~1kg heavier than your road bike.
2. faster than a mtb, slower than a road bike. Mostly depends on the motor.
3. yes.
4. yes. get a second set of wheels.
5. ?
6. Go to a race and watch. Then practice. Its easy to do, hard to master.
7. both.