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Help me size my Gunnar(2 posts)

Help me size my Gunnarnova
Aug 1, 2001 8:32 AM
My inseam is 69cm - the measurement was taken on a hard floor, no shoes, against a wall, and by tucking a book up 'high and snug.'
I'm currently riding a 60cm road bike with a standover of 83cm and a top tube length of 61.

The 57cm Crosshairs has a standover of 83.3cm and a top tube of 57.8.
The 59cm Crosshairs has a standover of 85.2cm and a top tube of 59.

I don't plan to do any cross racing, just fireroads, trails, and pavement. I'll probably go with 30mm tires. Certainly nothing bigger than 35's.

Hmm, I like the TT length on the 59, and technically I have nearly 2 inches of standover on that bike, but it seems like it might be a little big. The TT length on the 57 seems a little short compared to what I'm riding now, but the standover is more in line with my road bike.

Any suggestions or other considerations which I may be overlooking?
Correction! re: Help me size my Gunnarnova
Aug 1, 2001 8:36 AM
Whoops - the measurements above are for the Lemond Poprad.

The Gunnar has the following dimensions:

58 Frame, 58 TT, 84cm Standover
60 Frame, 59 TT, 86cm Standover

Is the standover on the 60 too much for a non-racer? (remember, my inseam is 89cm).