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Shoes for CrossCitius
Jul 28, 2001 2:19 AM
I'm looking to get a new pair of shoes mainly for cross and limited mountain biking. I've been told to get something with a little flex in the sole -due to the running in cross. I use Sidi's on the road, which fit my foot very well.

If it matters, my bike is equipped with ATACS -of course. What shoes are you guys using?

re: Shoes for CrossBigJ
Jul 29, 2001 8:47 AM
I'm no expert on 'cross, or cycling shoes in general, but I'm planning on using my current mountain bike shoes for my first 'cross season later this year. I've got a pair of Adidas mountain bike shoes...I can't remember the model name, but I haven't seen them anywhere else but one time at REI when I got them on sale. I don't even think Adidas makes them anymore. I bought these after some amount of shopping around, looking for a shoe that would satisfy my two main criteria for a decent mountain shoe (which just so happen to be the same criteria I would use to spec a 'cross shoe).

The two criteria that I absolutely required were:

1) Grippy rubber lugged soles.
2) Screw-in front cleats.

Now, I found a lot of shoes with the screw in cleats, but they all had soles that were made of a hard plastic-like compound that I didn't feel would give me any grip on wet/muddy hard surfaces (like rocks). I've had the distinct displeasure of nearly breaking my ass slipping on rocks in hard-soled shoes in the past, and that's not something that I care to repeat. So it's either grippy rubber soles or I won't buy the shoes.

As for the cleats, they seem to help somewhat in running while carrying your bike if there's any significant amount of mud on the trail. They're not absolutely required, though.

I don't think that road shoes would be very good in the conditions you're going to find in a 'cross race. Road shoes almost always have a slippery sole, and they're probably too inflexible to allow for any amount of running.

One other thing to think about is Velcro vs. laces vs. mechanical closure systems. The shoes I have are Velcro, and that's OK but I'd prefer a mechanical or lace-up system in heavy mud conditions because the Velcro gets gummed up after a while in the muck. Nothing a good toss in the washer wouldn't fix, but if you're paying in excess of $100.00 for a pair od shoes, you oughta get exactly what you want!

Good luck, hope this helped some.

re: Shoes for Crossmosovich
Aug 1, 2001 4:06 PM
I use Sidi Dominators, you can't go wrong with them, plus the sizing and such would be the same, which makes finding the right size easy and convienent.
Not for racing, but....verslowrdr
Aug 1, 2001 6:24 PM
My Cannondale Arago shoes just warded off a huge length of barbed wire zipping across my toes last Saturday and came through without a scratch.

They're nice for running around town, wading streams, bushwacking, and they're so comfortable I've walked quite a ways before remembering I have them on.

Again, these are hardly race shoes, but for general utility and durability I think they are something to consider.