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Taiwan Vs. American Made(6 posts)

Taiwan Vs. American Madexjeffx
Jul 26, 2001 1:21 PM
How much difference does it make if one's bike is made in Taiwan or America, sweatshop labor aside? I thought that my Cross-Check was made in America, but I found a small gold "Made in Taiwan" sticker on it yesterday. The guy at the LBS made a big deal about Taiwan vs. American made a while back, but what does everyone here think?
re: Taiwan Vs. American Madebadabill
Jul 26, 2001 2:18 PM
I think only the steel tubes are made in Taiwan, I believe the frame is welded here in the US. In todays " world ecocnomy" The manufacturing lines have been blurred. Many products are made in one country, assembled in another to be sold in a third. Who cares if it rides as nice as the Surly does.
send it back!!!nm
Jul 27, 2001 5:29 AM
re: Taiwan Vs. American Madekilimanjaro
Jul 27, 2001 9:06 AM
I am pretty certain that there are no sweatshops in Taiwan. While not a economic powerhouse like Japan, don't confuse it with mainland China
re: Taiwan Vs. American MadeMichael Y.
Jul 27, 2001 9:43 AM
The Surly is a great frame. I have two Surleys, a Cross Ceck and a 1x1 and have been impressed by the quaility of the welds and the paint. The frames are manufactured in Taiwan. My only complaint is a minor one, no clear coat over the stickers so they can fall off easily. I think the ride of the Surley will speak for itself!!! While I am sure it is not as nice as an IF or Steelman, you are getting a quality frame at a fraction of the price.

Many great bike products including most of the frames for brands like Schwinn, Giant and GT are being made in Taiwan. The quality of Taiwan Frames is as good if not better than mass produced frames being made in the US. I know of five people how have had welds fail on their Mountain Bikes made by one large US brand. One of them was stark RAVEN mad about having his waranty frame break in the exact same spot as the original frame. Remember when "Made in Japan" meant cheap, now it means quality for cars and electornics. Taiwan makes some of the best bikes in the world one night.

I think Kinesis has opened up a plant in Washington. I guess it is cheaper to hire former aerospace workers who were were laid off (or failed their drug test) from Boeing than it is to hire master welders in Taiwan. I did not hear the Democratic Party complain about US workers stealing high paying jobs from Taiwan though.

Just enjoy your Surley and do not let the ignorance of a LBS employee make you think less of it.
we don't call 'em crackandfail for nothin! (nm)ak
Aug 2, 2001 8:44 AM