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Q for people familiar w/ Mid-Atlantic CX courses(3 posts)

Q for people familiar w/ Mid-Atlantic CX coursesFastballTodd
Jul 23, 2001 8:49 AM
My goal for this year is to enter my first CX race. (Actually, I want to do a bunch of 'em). I have only spectated at one race -- last year at Lake Fairfax Park (part of the VA CX series). Is that course typical (in terms of terrain, layout, etc.) of CX courses in the region? I know the VA series also has races in Richmond -- anywhere else? How 'bout MD? Are the courses there a lot different? Where else can I race (nothing hardcore, of course) within a 3-hour drive of DC?

Thanks for any info you might have. Looking forward to mixing it up (without coughing up a lung!) this fall.
re: Q for people familiar w/ Mid-Atlantic CX coursesBigJ
Jul 24, 2001 5:00 AM
See for mid-Atlantic 'cross races.

See ya out there.

re: Q for people familiar w/ Mid-Atlantic CX coursesEric Marshall
Jul 30, 2001 11:27 AM
I started racing cross last season and rode the Reston, Richmond, and Fair Hills, MD courses. I thought all of them were very different from one another, so none of them were typical :-) I enjoyed the Richmond course the most, because of it's varied terrain, and Fair Hills the least, because of the lack or terrain variety. The Reston course is in the middle :-)

Since it sounds like you live in northern Virginia, the Potomac Velo Club ( has hosted weeknight cross training rides in the past and will probably do the same this year. Last year's course is not available any longer, so we'll have to find a new one. Check the web site for announcements.

Good luck with racing, and hope to see you out there sometime!