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Single Speed vs. Cross vs. Singlespeed Cross?(5 posts)

Single Speed vs. Cross vs. Singlespeed Cross?Marlon
Jul 23, 2001 4:36 AM
I'm starting to think about fall roadie training and 'crossing seems to be a great way to do it. But I'm also thinking about going fixed-gear single speed, for all year-round commuting and for training as well. Would it be possible to combine the two and get a fixed-gear 'crosser?

As an aside, I'm also considering fixed-gear for security: I saw this idiot who swiped a fixed-gear that was just parked outside a 7-11, and he tried to ride away with the bike. Just thinking about the look he must of had on his face as he tried to corner makes me smile, especially since he achieved flight, albeit for only a second or two :) Good news is that he was most definitely caught, with a good deal of road rash for his trouble.
Right up my alleyAlexR
Jul 23, 2001 6:22 AM
Yeah, all possible. I can think of two stock SS cross frames - Surly and Gunnar. Gunnar has proper track dropouts (120mm spaced for track hubs), the Surly has 132.5mm horizontal dropouts to accept road or mountain hubs. The Surly also has a der. hanger if you ever want to gear it. If you've got lots of cash, any custom frame builder will put track dropouts on their cross frame for you.

Personally, I have a Gunnar with Phil wood track hubs laced to Open Pros. I don't really trust some of the more delicate track hubs for cross duty. The Phil hub is flip flop, you can put a BMX freewheel on one side and a track cog on the other. This is what I have. I have a 16 freewheel and a 16 cog. I find it cheaper and easier to swap the front ring when I want to change gears.

With the Surly, the best bet would be to build some wheels with single speed mountain bike hubs. Tons of options here, Surly, Phil, King, etc.

Good luck,

Right up my alleybadabill
Jul 23, 2001 8:47 AM
Check out the new Steamroller frame from Surly. I was thinking of building one up with the same set-up.
re: Single Speed vs. Cross vs. Singlespeed Cross?D3
Jul 23, 2001 8:26 AM
single-speed 'cross can work, but you don't want a fixed gear if you race it- how you gonna take barriers? Spot also makes good ss stuff.
re: Single Speed vs. Cross vs. Singlespeed Cross?Brian Robinson
Jul 28, 2001 5:13 PM
You can definately race it fixed. It takes a while to learn to dismount while moving, but it can be done. I do it the same way as a normal crosser would, but you can't put your right leg in front, and you also can't hang off the side. Just before you need to dismount, unclip and swing your right leg over at the bottom of the pedal stroke. As your left leg reaches the bottom of its stroke, unclip it and the rotation of the pedal will push you up and back. Put your right foot down, pick up the bike, and start running.
I do 90% of my riding (road, mountain and cross) on fixed gear bikes, and race cross country on my mountain fixed. Once you get in the right mindset, and learn the skills unique to fixies, you can ride super steep, technical and fast singletrack. You'd be amazed what is possible until you try it.