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Selle Italia SLR saddle for cyclocross?(4 posts)

Selle Italia SLR saddle for cyclocross?ctxcrossx
Jul 15, 2001 5:39 AM
How would the SLR saddle be for cyclocross? I have never seen the saddle myself, just read reviews. People use it for both road and mtb. It sounds like is got some flex to it. Would it just break from hopping on and off it all the time?

Jul 18, 2001 10:01 PM
I've got one on my road bike, and adore it already. It's very flexy and provides lots of isolation from road shock. I probably wouldn't like it much for 'cross, simply because it's very, very slippery, and those edges look kinda sharp, if you know what I'm getting at. It also looks fragile, although if you're small and don't hammer your remounts (you shouldn't anyway, gets hard on the kids) you could get away with it. My 'cross coach was against using any kind of lightweight saddle, and I've seen guys break Flites and hollowrail saddles at 'cross races. Usually the seatpost and/or clamp gives way first though.

I've got a Flite on my 'cross bike from road riding all season - I had a Serfas Lola on there that I absolutely love for 'cross, but switched to my MTB as I didn't like it much on longer road rides, because it doesn't absorb enough road shock. I'll try the Flite, but will probably go back to the Lola. For short 'cross races, it's nice and cushy, has a "secret" cutout, and has just enough stitching to be sticky without hindering you from shifting your weight on seated climbs.

With that being said, racing 'cross just destroys equipment, period, and you should probably err on the affordable side if you're going to get serious with it. I'm not the average bike-breaking gorilla (small, weak, female, don't crash often), but I've broken 2 cassette bodies, some nice Syncros bars and a right-hand STI lever (same crash) a chain, some chainrings and a rear mech.

Happy trails!
That sounds like it must have been some crash! (nm)ctxcrossx
Jul 19, 2001 5:45 AM
I'm told it was impressive - I saw lots of starslonefrontranger
Jul 19, 2001 9:33 AM
Mixed-cat "C" race with about 1/2 inch of snow on. 200 yards off the line in the first corner (the only paved one, natch) a guy at the front overlapped wheels on an icy bit. I had a quick impression of riderless bikes, then I was upside down and waaay up in the air, doing that slow motion "o..h.....s..h..i..." thing. I wound up near the bottom of a pile of bikes and riders, with a 210-lb Cat IV sitting on my head, and most of the butt gone from my new LS skinsuit. He cracked a rib, I got strawberry buttcheek and every last molecule of air knocked out of me.

The Clydesdale piledriver was how the bar got whacked - the drop was bent in almost to the stem, and the shifter was mangled beyond hope. Thanks to my Fox moto gloves and some really good karma, I somehow didn't break every bone in my hand, though I could barely write for a week. Once I quit gasping like a beached fish, I ran to the pit, ripped the cable loose (stuck between gears), tied it to the chainstay and finished in the popular lanterne rouge spot, on the tops, single-speedin' the 38/13 (grunt). The Clydesdale finished third on a mission to slaughter the instigator, who won - is there no justice? Afterward he had some trouble breathing once the adrenaline wore off, so he went to the ER and showed up the next week with his ribs taped.

Which all just proves you have to be nuts to race 'cross, right?