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LeMond Propad vs. Surly Cross-Check?(8 posts)

LeMond Propad vs. Surly Cross-Check?xjeffx
Jul 12, 2001 8:31 AM
I'm looking to get a new bike and everyone seems to suggest one of these two for beginners and overall good bikes. The price is exactly the same for each, so it's really a toss up.


I will be using it for city commuting on bumpy and smooth roads and for a little off road cycling. I like climbing hills. I want a bike that will handle well and will last a while with good care.

Finally, where is a good place to get one, maybe some sales or discounts or anything?
re: LeMond Propad vs. Surly Cross-Check?adventurefind
Jul 12, 2001 10:12 AM
If your LBS sells Trek bikes, you can order a LeMond, made in the same factory as Trek. I have a Poprad and it rocks! I use it for off road/fire road jaunts, for road training, and it's a good bike. The only thing is that it's a 1" head tube. I am very happy with it. I did have to put a Salsa brake booset on the rear bosses. My frame was flexing. I ride it with fat semi slicks.

I also was thinking of a Surly. Although a grea ride, it's advantage is in the beefy structure and the 1 1/8" head tube. You have more stem options that way. You can also put the fattest 700c cross tires on the Surly.

I like both, but I went for the LeMond.
Web let's you compare a lot of thingsverslowrdr
Jul 12, 2001 12:04 PM
When I was doing the legwork for my new ride, I ended up making a spreadsheet with the frame specs and component groups for the bikes most nearly in my size and price range. Nerdite, but it let me compare easily. Some things I've noticed gleaning through the archives here and elsewhere:

1. Bottom bracket will be higher on a Surly, lower on the Propad. Which is better? Depends on how much off- road you're going to do, I suppose, but you might want to look back to the "cyclocross for everything" thread for more.

2. Someone mentioned in the same thread that the Surly is a better choice for loaded touring, since the frame was beefier than the Propad.

3. Nearly any bike shop can get the Surly through QBP, but hurry if you fit a 54cm frame- as of this Monday, I guess they didn't have many left.

BTW, Kona's Jake is another one in the same price range and got very good reviews. I think the top tube runs a little shorter than the others, which may or may not be good depending on what you like to ride.
Kona Jake the Snake vs. Lemond Popradxjeffx
Jul 13, 2001 6:54 AM
So what is the difference between these two?
1. I noticed the Kona is Aluminum frame vs. the Lemond Steel. Which is better?
2. BB height? How do I find this out? Which is better, lower or higher?
3. Top Tube height? How do I find this out? Which is better, lower or higher?
4. Both have mainly Sora components which I hear are the biggest weaknesses. So which?

I'm so confused! Where can I get one even if I wanted one? All the shops out here only have Lemond stuff and it's either the 55mm or the 57mm. No 52mm!
What I could dredge...verslowrdr
Jul 13, 2001 10:10 AM
1. Wars have been fought regarding frame material. "AL is harsher/ stiffer/ lighter, steel is more compliant/ can be worked on w/ a BFH (see post above)..." HOWEVER: The ride is also affected by geometry and engineering, which is also going to be affected by frame size. For the bottom line, take them for a test ride. Perhaps someone here has ridden a few and can tell you....

2. BB height and a lot more- compare:

3. See #2

4. You have two choices here: get Sora and use it until it breaks, or go with something a little better out of the box. I've heard both arguements.

You can look on the web sites above for Kona and Surly dealers near you if you're still interested.

Oh- and obviously, whatever you get, the frame should fit. Better to wait on the bike that's really for you than get in a hurry. * Sorry if this is hopelessly obvious, but my knees are still exacting payment for a too- small MTB frame from years ago. :(
re: LeMond Propad vs. Surly Cross-Check?BigJ
Jul 12, 2001 12:12 PM
That's funny that you're going through the same decision process I just finished a few days ago. I had basically narrowed it down to the same two bikes, before I decided on the LeMond. Main decision factor? The 853 tubing instead of the 631. The Surly seemed to have better components overall, but I figured I'd trash the Sora stuff on the LeMond just as easily as any other gruppo in my first competetive season (the Maryland Cup,, and then upgrade when I had a better idea of what is and isn't important on the bike. The frame, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to upgrade! Anyway, I've heard nothing but good things about both bikes, so for the price, I don't think you can lose either way.

Incidentally, I wasn't all that thrilled with the Sora bar-end shifters on the LeMond (why did they do this, simply to be "retro"?), so I am upgrading to the Tiagra STI brakes/shifters. I thought the brakes were a tad weak, too, although I could lock up the wheels no problem if I pulled fairly hard; plus, I figure with those skinny 'cross 700c tires, I'll lose traction from the tire before I lose braking power. Oh yeah, I also spec'd Time ATAC pedals instead of the shitty low-end SPDs, and I am replacing the steel 52-tooth front chainring with an aluminum 48-toother.

Please note all I've done so far is test-ride the LeMond. I don't receive the bike until next week when it comes into my LBS. If this thread is still alive in a few week's time I'll post again with my initial reviews after I get some miles on the thing.

re: LeMond Propad vs. Surly Cross-Check?BAM
Jul 15, 2001 9:06 AM
Big J,
You need to upgrade more than the shifters if you go to Tiagra STI. Sora is 8spd. and Tiagra is 9spd. You will need to a 9spd chain, cassette, rear der.,front der(you could squeeze the cage closer together but a 9spd der still works better),and a 9spd. inner chainring. This gets to be a costly up grade, besides most people seem to report that 9spds clog with mud. You could see if your LBS has or could order an RSX or even 105 8spd shifters, as Quality does still sell them individually. Or they can order direct form Shimano for you.
re: LeMond Propad vs. Surly Cross-Check?Ray Sachs
Jul 17, 2001 4:52 AM
I'll echo what other folks have said. They're both great, BUT...

The Surley is more stoutly built, heavier, has rack braze ons, has better tire clearance, and a higher bottom bracket. The Lemond has more road like geometry, lighter weight, lower bottom bracket, has only fender eyelets, and less tire clearance. If you're primarily going to be riding off-road, want to use fatter tires, and really plan to beat the cr*p out of your bike, the Surley's probably a better choice. If you're gonna be doing a lot of road riding also or just prefer a lighter, more nimble bike off-road, the Poprad's probably a better choice.

I went for the Poprad and like it on-road but was amazed and surpised at how much I like it off-road (sold my mountain bike, in fact). I have had a few pedal strikes that I might have avoided with the Surly's higher bottom bracket, but that's a price I'm willing to pay for the stability of the lower BB and the nimble ride.

No bad choices here,