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short stem stem for cx?(3 posts)

short stem stem for cx?dpbradley
Jul 7, 2001 1:31 PM

I'm looking for a short stem for a CX bike I'm building (~50mm). Do I need a road-specific stem? The frame I've picked out has a 1-1/8 aheadset, but I have to be concerned about handlebar diameter right?

re: short stem stem for cx?BAM
Jul 7, 2001 5:11 PM
You can use a mtb stem if you want with WTB Mountaindrop hbar or if you have a current bar with a 26.0 clamp diameter it can be shimmed up from a mtb stems 25.4 clamp diameter. Just talk to your shop.
re: short stem-Ignore last postBAM
Jul 7, 2001 11:27 PM
Ignore my last post- the ol' brain is not working today. Mtb stems have a clamp diameter of 25.4. You can use WTB`s Mountain Drop handle bar as it has the same diameter. I also believe that the Salsa Moto Ace cross bar is 25.4, but I would have to check at work on monday. Most of todays road stems are 26.0, as are bars like Salsa`s Bell Lap. You could run the WTB or Salsa Moto Ace with a 26.0 road stem by using shims, hence where I meant to go in my last post. But you could not run a MTB stem with a 26.0 bar. Sorry for any confusion, time for more caffeine and double checking my posts.