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'Cyclocross' vs 'Touring' frame, eclipse bikes?dpbradley
Jul 6, 2001 8:01 AM
Hey folks,

One of the bike shops in my area has custom frames built for their store brand, Eclipse, at Pecco's Velo in Ottawa in the great white north. Anyway, when I asked about a cyclocross they said that can build me up a CX bike based on the touring frame they stock. I have yet to make the couple of hour drive to the shop to check out the frames, but what difference am I going to see in a touring frame compared to a 'cyclocross' frame? I often hear of cyclocross frames used for touring....any reason not to go the other way?

The shop guy said the BB is probably lower than a CX. The bike is totally customized, it would be very sturdy, and they build everything from the ground up (wheels included). And the price is good too, with a 105 equipped ALU frame, chromo fork for $1200 cdn or $800 USD.

Just as a note, I'm more into road than MTB. I don't race, and don't really plan on it, but I enjoy my aero bars. I'm considering their 19.5# 105 equipped road bike as well for the same price. (btw about $130 usd more gets a carbon fork (profile) and upgrades to HS, hubs...)

To quote Dave Matthews:
"A typical situation in these typical times. Too many choices."

Damian Bradley