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Help! Just bought a new cx frame...(3 posts)

Help! Just bought a new cx frame...konagrl
Jul 3, 2001 4:49 PM

I just bought a new scandium Kona Major Jake 2000 frame. :) I need help on how to build this up. Is a carbon fork not a good idea? Do cx bikes need special forks? Any ideas on other parts? I want to make the bike as light as possible, but keep the cost down as much as possible. WOuld it be stupid to buy a used CX bike, and transfer the components? I will be racing this bike,also, and maybe get pretty serious with the racing (I race expert mtn bike right now and used to run competively).
Thanks for any help.

yes they need special forksclimbo
Jul 3, 2001 6:16 PM
and yes you can get a carbon one if you like. Wound Up make good ones but if you want to keep cost down, go aluminium and search out some other parts to put it all together. You could buy a used bike but it may not have the components you seek and they aren't easy to find. Look around for a cheap wheelset and maybe search for some second hand parts or use old MTB parts too.
Jake II
Jul 4, 2001 11:07 AM
Get a carbon folk if you want to - but don't bother especially, there's no real need for one - the project 2 fork is very good.

I'd go with used/closeout parts rather than a whole bike - prob get better value that way, but then if you happen on a bargain, then fine. You could start it as a single speed,to get you going, and then pick up the rest of the parts (sti, derails etc) as and when you see them...