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looking to get into cyclocrossdireater
Jul 3, 2001 1:45 AM
(sorry no commas/ the key is stuck)

Hi I'm looking to get into cyclocross and was wondering if I could get some help with picking a bike. I don't have tons of money to dump on it/ but I don't want to make the same mistake I made with my mountain bike (didn't get enough bike). I want something I'll be able to grow into. Realistically/ the bike will primarily be used for city riding. I'm currently riding the mountain bike (Thin Blue Line) modified with a rigid fork and 1.25 slicks (I take it on some sick technical trails like this too). I've only ridden a few road bikes ever and I quickly realized the difference on the road. The drop bars are also obviously an advantage. Being an ex-courier I tend to ride rather aggressively/ so I want a bike that can take a bit of abuse. Plus I do intend on taking it off road. The closest decent trails to me are almost an hours' ride away/ up into some large steep hills. So I'm loving the idea of being able to get there at a good pace on the cx bike. There are also informal cx races in my city that I'd want to get into. The frame also has to have braze ons for bottles/ fenders and at least a rear rack. Right now I'm mostly considering the Jamis Nova but I haven't looked around too much. I'm also wondering if it's frame is a little heavy. I like the idea of not having to reach to the end of the bars to shift (like the Lemond). It would be fine on the road/ but it seems a bad set up for offroad. I'm not certain how important I'll find the whole BB height issue. Tall sounds good for offroad. And seeing as I'm used to a tall BB from my MTB/ I'd be used to cornering on roads (at very high speeds -couriering!). One big issue is size. I'm only 5'4"-5". So the company's smaller frames would either have to have their own unique geometry or have appropriate dimensions. In terms of stand over height/ I'd prefer a low top tupe for clearance rather than a tall one for easy carrying. I won't be carrying it all that much (except for bringing it into my apartment and the odd race).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
re: looking to get into cyclocrossbadabill
Jul 3, 2001 8:26 AM
Check out the Surly Cross Check, it would fit your needs nicely. I use mine for just about everything short of an all out road race. I picked my frame up from for $329 and built it up using parts I had laying around, mostly 105 and LX. My MTB sits and gathers dust now that I have this bike. It's steel so it will take all the abuse you want to give it.It also has braze ons for racks and fenders, a true allaround bike.