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Ergo for CX bike…(4 posts)

Ergo for CX bike…Cima Coppi
Jun 26, 2001 9:18 AM
Hello everyone. I'm considering putting together a CX bike with Chorus drivetrain. Are the rigors of riding cyclocross not conducive to using Ergo levers? I think I can set up the bike with the 10 speed bar-end shifters from the Campy triathlon group. Would staying with the traditional bar-end levers be the way to go if I want to use Campy? Thanks in advance for your input.
re: Ergo for CX bike…badabill
Jun 26, 2001 10:05 AM
I am not sure of campy but I use 105 STI shimano on my Surly. If I was building a bike from scratch I would use bar end shifters. I had these laying around so they went on when i built the bike. They get a little gunked up and hard shifting sometimes, I have lost the aero plastic pieces on the front, but until they break I will keep using them. I have to admit they have been thru a lot and keep on working
Why not.....muncher
Jun 28, 2001 2:40 AM
I've got racing triple on mine - works fine. It's a personal thing of course, but I like to have the same gear on my CX as I use on the road, as far as possible - I'd find it hard to go back to bar end after the delights of ergo - it'd be a leap backwards for me. The levers are pretty tough - you'd be very unlucky to break them unless you piled a tree or something. And of course, it's Campy...
re: Ergo for CX bike…bn
Jul 2, 2001 8:59 AM
Ergo's are fine, but if you are racing you probably don't want 10-spd (or maybe even 9-spd) due to the mud/snow/ice factor. If you're just toolin' then do what you want. You also need to consider chainrings... with Campy 135 BCD your smallest choice is a 39. Many use a 36 or 38 if using 2 CRs.

Look out for flying golf balls.