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Canadian Surly?(2 posts)

Canadian Surly?Bike-nator
Jun 14, 2001 8:01 AM
Anyone know if there is a Surly dealer in Ontario, Canada? I want to have a look/test ride/get sized for one. I also tried to call their 877-743-3191 number but it doesn't work from Canada :(

On a similar note, how does the Surly compare to the Trek X01? I saw one at the LBS yesterday and it was freaking nice. It was sold and their last stock one, otherwise I would have purchased it on impulse.

re: Canadian Surly?Pablo
Jun 14, 2001 8:55 AM
Surly's website now lists ther dealers, you may want to look for Canada.

The Trek is aluminum vs. Surly's steel frame. The Trek frame will be stiffer and lighter, the Surly more compliant. A lot of riders prefer the steel fram for comfort, and many racers prefer the light and stiff aluminum. The Surly riders appear to be a very satisfied bunch, check out the reviews of both bikes. That may help you see which is more likely to suit your riding style.

Have fun!