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Poprad, Cannondale, Surlybikeman4life
Jun 4, 2001 10:03 PM
Okay, I have decided to finally buy a cross bike. I can either get a Lemond Poprad on a sweet pro deal for $700, a Cannondale XR800 for about $1100 or a Surly Crosscheck for $825. I am going to use this bike for everything (road & cross training, racing and riding) and I need it to last for a while. So what do you guys think?
re: Poprad, Cannondale, SurlyJimbojam
Jun 5, 2001 12:33 PM
I have been looking at the same bikes. I am currently using a generic aluminum touring bike (my wife's). I raced on it and won all three races. I noticed that the steel fork did well on the washboards and that other all aluminum bikes really felt the bumps. A steel frame would be good (I prefer the Poprad to the Surly for weight) but as you know, steel can rust. This would require a lot af maintenance. Using some Pam (yes the cooking stuff) is good if you know it is going to be sloppy conditions for ease of cleaning. I am looking at the Cannondale XR800 Ultra (has head shock). It weighs less than a steel frame even with the head shock. The aliminum will last in the sloppy conditions also. If you want the best then get titanium. It is easier to bunny hop with a lighter bike. For the price of titanium you can get at least three Surleys though.
re: Poprad, Cannondale, SurlyHeavyD
Jun 5, 2001 1:17 PM
The Poprad doesn't have have rack or fender mounts. This may not be a consideration for you but they are nice features on an everything bike. The Surly has a pleasant ride but it is the heaviest of the three with no hope of ever being light (a light 'cross bike in my opinion is around 21lbs). The 'dale is responsive and climbs well but can beat you to death with skinny road rubber. For what it's worth my preferences would be 1)Poprad 2a)Surly -price 2b)Cannondale -performance/weight
re: Poprad, Cannondale, SurlyRay Sachs
Jun 6, 2001 7:22 AM
My Poprad, and others I've seen, do have fender eyelets front and back. No rack braze-ons, but it's easy enough to double up rack and fenders and use p-clamps on the seatstays. Sounds like they aren't totally consistent though - mine has headtube gear cable stops while another one in the same store had downtube shifter bosses.

My short experience with the Poprad has been really positive - almost as nice as my road bike on the road and a total revelation off-road. I'm sure the Surly is nice if you don't mind the weight and the high bottom bracket. Personally, I don't like aluminum and a headshock gets away from the purity of what I like about cross bikes, so I'd personally stay away from the C-dale.

As always, YMMV.

Jun 6, 2001 3:12 PM
Mine does have the eyelets for racks. I am glad I got this frame. Built it up as a sweet touring bike. I got it for the quality, and because it's a cross frame with eyelets for racks.
Jun 6, 2001 7:43 PM
I'm glad they added the brazons. I looked at a Poprad last Oct. and that early frame didn't have them.
how do you like it for touring? (nm)Pablo
Jun 20, 2001 4:13 PM
Jul 10, 2001 1:19 PM
I just bought a Poprad and love it. I put a Blackburn Expedition on the rear (used P-clamps for the stays) to hold panniers for commuting (no touring planned). I was a Cannondale rider for years, but have had 2 MB frames and 1 RB frame crack (all at welds or braze-ons). Cannondale got pissy about the warranty, so I bought a sweet new bike. The ride is smooth and stealthy (I weigh in around 300lbs) and can now take road bumps like they're butter (try that on a Cdale). I looked at the XR800, but I really like the Poprad. Not to mention it's classic paint/styling.

BTW, I'm planning a 2 day 200 mile road ride in about a month. My Poprad has 100 miles on it so far, and I'm sure it'll handle the big ride just fine.

Only thing I don't like are the brakes. I think I might want new brake pads, because it seems like my 105 brakes had better response and stronger stopping power, when the canti's should be superior.

re: Poprad, Cannondale, SurlyBlake
Jun 5, 2001 1:56 PM
I know that the people I know who ride Surly's are in all ways pleased. Fender and rack mounts are so tiny, yet invaluable when needed for a city/ commuting/ light touring bike. As for rust protection, I hear the best stuff is Boeshield, made by Boeing for airplanes. You can order it from, it is what the treat there steel frames with on the inside. It also works well on chains.
re: Poprad, Cannondale, Surlydroto
Jun 11, 2001 3:51 PM
Hey, I don't know what size you are, but I just bought a Steelman cross bike on this board....the bikes awesome, but it's small for me, 51 c to c, XTR drivetrain w/Dura-ace shifters, Syncros cranks &Bot. br., Chris King hubs & Head-set. Let me know if your interested...$1000, just what I paid, my e-mail is, and I have a PIC. Later man, Dom.