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seeking wisdom for old guy who can't get a new frame right n(2 posts)

seeking wisdom for old guy who can't get a new frame right nminor threat
Jun 1, 2001 5:44 PM
i have project that i would like opinions on. i am going to throw some money at one two frames/bikes i have more or less lying around with the idea being to race cross on it this fall here in wisconsin. the first is my old ibis custom mt bike and fork, complete with stem and drop bars(cut and flared cinelli's very cool). it is made of various steel tubes, and fits perfectly. it does have 26 in wheels, but i've raced cross on them before and they seemed to roll ok on the grassy courses around here, with conti 1.5's or smaller semi slicks on there. the geometry is sweet also, the bike was built radically steep in it's day....71/73 i think, with short chainstays and wheelbase. all in all, it was bikes like this that put scot nicol in the mt bike hall of fame so you know it's a sweet ride. my only real misgiving is the wheels, how vital....REALLY......are 700c's?
the second candidate is my recently retired s-works m4 pro road frame. yes, the one with the areo tubes (don't laugh, i got it for free as a warranty bike). anyway, this bike is light, stiff, expendable. i would have to use a caliper rear brake, but that would probably be ok, again they ride on grass field around here. i would put a cross fork with canti bosses up front, and i figure the extra height would help slow the steering down a little (relax the head tube angle a bit) my reservation with this bike would ride quality, and the fact that the biggest rear tire i'm gonna get back there is a 25 or maybe 27mm. again we race on smooth grass, and i ride light on equipment.
so, what do ya'll think? please don't say buy a new bike, cuz it's gonna be one or the other. thanks for your input, i'm off to the mt bike races with the family, can't wait to get back and peruse your wisdom.
I'd go with the road bikelonefrontranger
Jun 2, 2001 12:13 AM
as long as you don't think the course will get muddy. That rear wheel will stop you for sure if it does.

If your courses are basically speedy flattish grass crits with hurdles like the ones we used to do in Ohio, well there was a gal there who used to hand us all our respective @$$e$ in CX races and all (all?) she had was a Litespeed Classic with 23mm slicks and a 39/23 max gear. Yep, that's right, a pure road racing bike, stock except for a set of SPD pedals. She eventually got bored with lapping the field in the women's race and "catted up" to race with the B (3/4) men, finished mid-field or better each time.

Again, it really depends on the terrain and sludge factor. Only you know your local conditions and weather well enough to make that decision. I can tell you that the 700c skinnies have a huge mechanical advantage on "speed" courses (rolling to flat with long straightaways).