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Bontrager Cyclocross bike?(3 posts)

Bontrager Cyclocross bike?worth looking at?
May 25, 2001 9:57 PM
I'm very interested in a getting my first cross bike and was thinking about a Poprad or a Surly (that's about my price range), but I've seen a local ad for a '96 Bontrager cross bike. The price is about in line with a new Crosscheck or Poprad. Assuming it's in really good shape (and I think it's spec'd well) - is this one a viable consideration as well?

Of course, I plan to test ride the bikes and see which I like best. WHat are your thoughts on the older Bonty vs. the new bikes??
re: Bontrager Cyclocross bike?smokey422
May 26, 2001 8:07 AM
get the Poprad. i've had mine for 2 weeks and love it. why buy used when you can get a new machine for virtually the same money? i think the Poprad frame alone would be worth the money because it is made out of 853 Reynolds double-butted steel. you will notice the difference in the ride. i've heard some complain about the lower end components(shimano sora), but it is easier to upgrade them instead of changing frames. i'm just a recreational rider and they should last me a long time.
re: Bontrager Cyclocross bike?HawaiiMke
Jun 2, 2001 11:49 AM
I just purchased a Surly cross*check and the bike is outstanding. You read these reviews and everyone is pleased with their machines, but I can only give this one 5 stars. First day out I was planning on a 2hr ride, that one turned into 3.5 and only stopped b/c it was dark ( real dark).