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Tire pressure for bontrager tires on Poprad.......(5 posts)

Tire pressure for bontrager tires on Poprad.......smokey422
May 25, 2001 10:50 AM
i've got a new Lemond Poprad with the Bontrager Jones XC cyclocross tires. the sidewall says pressures from 45-80 psi are OK,
but i'm not sure what to run. i weigh 225# and ride probably 70% pavement, the rest on gravel roads and rails-to-trails rides. the LBS
said to use 80#, but it seems to ride awfully rough at that pressure.
anyone out there got any input?
you could go lower as long asclimbo
May 25, 2001 11:13 AM
you don't run in to stuff that will damage a rim at lower pressures, like rocks! Take it down 5 psi at a time to get to a level that you feel is right for you. I'm usually pretty happy at about 60-70 psi in a 700x28 tire
re: Tire pressure for bontrager tires on Poprad.......Mitch2
May 26, 2001 11:22 AM
I weigh 198lbs and I use IRC Vcross 38c and my tire pressure is at 80psi and I do a lot of offroad riding. Yes it get's pretty rough but then again it is a cross bike and rough riding comes w/ the territory. You can lower the pressure to around 70 but be carefull not to go too low because of your weight.

Happy Trails,
re: Tire pressure for bontrager tires on Poprad.......Haley Barbour
May 28, 2001 7:14 PM
I've been riding them (for all of three weeks now) at the max 80 on the road and about 60 off-road. Did a pretty rocky/rooty off-road ride on Friday at 60 and hit a couple of rocks pretty hard without any problems, but I only weigh about 165-170, so you should probably go harder.

I'm surprised at how well these tires work in single track. I've encountered everything from rocks to wet roots to mud to sand and gravel and haven't had any problems with these. I continue to be amazed with the cross-bike off-road. Went out with a couple of mtb friends on Friday and just killed them everywhere except the descents and hung with them pretty well there too. Plenty of fairly technical sections too - and I don't consider myself a particularly good technical rider.

re: Tire pressure for bontrager tires on Poprad.......Ray Sachs
May 28, 2001 7:17 PM
Sorry about the screen name on the previous post - I logged on that way when responding to some stupid flame on the general board a few days back and forgot to change it back. Must have been having a bad day to even get into that mess.

-Ray "nothing in common with Haley Barbour at all" Sachs