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Best Brakes and more Q(4 posts)

Best Brakes and more QJake Gilchrist
May 24, 2001 10:48 AM
I built up a Surly last year with some old parts and I absolutely love it. I have two questions for you guys.

What are the best cantilevers for use with Shimano STI?

I have Shimano XT cantis on the bike right now with the old Kool-Stop/Ritchey Red Brakepads. The levers are super flexy (they're older, Ultegra 8-speed)and I haven't managed to really dial the brakes so that I am comfortable with them. Any thoughts on better brakes? I have seen those Avids on a lot of production cx bikes.

Also, how do you guys adjust derailleur cable tension? Is there a barrel adjuster that fits in a regular cable stop? I have the inling cable adjuster on my rear brake, but I am not sure how they'll work for shifter cables.

Jeez. It's only May and I am soooo psyched about the upcoming cross season.


re: Best Brakes and more QJon C.
May 24, 2001 6:44 PM
Jake,I built my Crosscheck up in December with Ultegra STI and Avid 6.0 Cantis on the front and back. I've been really happy with the modulation and stopping power on the Avids. My only problem with the set-up is a squealing problem with the front brakes. I busted the glazing off the rim and pads with a little Scotchbrite and that seems to have helped alot.Colorado Cyclist set-up the brakes and they added 1 1/2" long in-line barrel adjusters on the cables just as they exit the bar wrap. Works really sweet and has been really nice for trail side adjustments. The micro-adjustment would also work well for moderate changeouts to different size tires.I'm not sure who the manufacturer is on the adjusters, you may give CC a call at (719)591-4045 and talk to the guys in the retail shop. FYI, I have noticed that the Avid/Ultegra set-up works best on trail descents when you take full mechanical advantage of the lever in the bars drop position. I'm not sure if this reflects well or poorly on their performance but I've found it very manageable at keeping my speed in check. Hope this
John C has got it dead on....muncher
May 25, 2001 9:14 AM
Go with Avids - job done, no worries.
re: Best Brakes and more Qpsychodan
Jun 5, 2001 6:47 PM
Avid shortys with ultegra! Careful, watch out for those "Polish" dismounts.