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Is my LeMond {CARBON fork} ok-for cyclocross(4 posts)

Is my LeMond {CARBON fork} ok-for cyclocrossMatrix
May 20, 2001 11:06 AM
I have a 99 LeMond"Zurich" new frame & carbon fork.....IS the carbon fork ok for light cyclocross stuff or not at all??
I have a light s-speed mtn bike, but want to go 'fast' on road too---
*If the carbon fork can handle some roots & stuff i may just go to build road bike for my only bike ???
I heard it was ok.....Matrix
May 21, 2001 12:47 PM
if it breaks..i'll then know?!
i wouldn't do itclimbo
May 21, 2001 1:57 PM
you will break it sooner or later off road. Plus, road forks etc don't fit 'cross tires at all. Get a proper CX bike of you want to go off road on it. Generally, CX bikes can be ridden on road, road bikes not on dirt, they're just not made for it.
O tay'...thanks....Matrix
May 21, 2001 4:12 PM
i'll keep mtn bike & build road bike up slow$$....