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Good MTB Shoes?(2 posts)

Good MTB Shoes?luckydoglips
Apr 27, 2001 5:38 PM
I'm thinking of buying the custom Rocket7 MTB shoe. Anyone know about them? It looks like I can shave almost a pound just by using the lighter shoes. I'm seriously considering it....
pricey, but it's youre choice.Jon(unreg.)
May 23, 2001 10:14 AM
I looked around their website, and while the idea of a custom shoe is intriguing, I seem to fit Sidi's very well, and the $150 I save pays for lots of other stuff.
I'd only recommend them if you have a serious need to drop weight (and remember, while shoes do rotate, it's not the same as wheel mass, since rotation speed is slower, and the weight is closer to the center of rotation), a lot of money to burn, or very hard to fit feet. Compared to custom orthotics, the shoes are pretty reasonable, andd it's almost gauranteed that no one else will have a pair.