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Need help building my cross bike....(2 posts)

Need help building my cross bike....The Wanderer
Apr 17, 2001 8:45 PM
I tried posting this already but it didn't work. So...I'm building up a cross/commuter bike, and am shooting for the ultimate in economy/dependability/functionability. I'd ride it on some light technical trails, fireroads, mostly just crappy Chicago streets. Easy 90% flat terrain. Money is an important factor here. Soo...
1.)Should I go double or triple up front? I'm most likely going to go double, so what size rings should I use?
2.)Crank length, 170 or 175? I use a 175 on my MTB and a 170 on my road bike. I'm 5' 11", about 31" inseam, more of a masher probably.
3.)What kind of gearing in back? The bike's a 130mm in back, but I could stretch it if i needed to go 8/9 speed.
4.)STI, barend, or weird stem-mounted shifters? Remember, not likely I'll race.
5.)What kind of rise should I have on the stem? How high in relation to the seat? Where can i get cheap flared drops?
Welll...thanks for any help y'all can give.
economy? go for a SSclimbo
Apr 18, 2001 6:25 AM
SS is the ultimate in economy but if you want gears. 130mm spacing will fit 8 or 9 speed hubs. STI if you can afford it, stem rise depends on how comfortable you want to be, it's really up to you. Cranks, same, up to you, I would use 175's but then I use 175's on my road bike too and am 6' 0". Go for a double, you said it was flat terrain, maybe a standard 53/39 is good for you unless you plan more off road adventures.