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Cross bike. What to get? Help.(12 posts)

Cross bike. What to get? Help.Craw
Apr 9, 2001 3:31 PM
Hi, I am currently looking at cross bikes, to commute in the city and take on trails and what not. The Surly Crosscheck has been very appealing to me due to it's price. I am a poor, poor student and can not afford much more than the Surly. With that said, should I be looking at other bikes as well. What would you recommend I look at? Thanks for any help!!!
also take a look at the...roadweary
Apr 10, 2001 12:48 PM
Lemond Poprad. I have seen them priced the same or very close...$799-$899.

Those are probably the two best choices in your price range!

Good Luck!
same boathacksaw
Apr 10, 2001 6:54 PM
Me too. I was real interested in the Kona (and could get a sweet deal from LBS), but wanted to try a steel frame. I've ridden aluminum mtbs for many years. I hear the Poprad is nice, but many recommend Reynolds 631 (like the Surly) as well, it's supposed to be a bit softer.

Anyone know who sells Surly in Madison, WI? I'm moving there in a few weeks.
re: Cross bikebike_junkie
Apr 10, 2001 9:07 PM
The LeMond makes more sense, IMHO. Lighter U.S. made 853 frame & straightblade fork. Surly for the same price is a Taiwanese job with a cool name that weighs over a pound more. LeMond gets a sharp panel paintjob, too and has real dealers. Surly is sold thru QBP so any bike shop can order it, just like they can order a certain accessory you may want but they don't stock. I'd rather have a dedicated dealer like the LeMond offers.

Buy a bike for the frame & fork, not for the parts.
re: Cross bikehacksaw
Apr 11, 2001 6:29 AM
I agree with you. One question about frames, though. Some cross bikes are marketed as the "race cross/road/tour/commute/get coffee/century/iditasport/do anything" bike, and others say "this is a great cross bike." I'm not one of those guys who can look at the frame geometry specs and see if a bike is better for racing or loaded touring, or anywhere in between.

I know one bike can only be so good for a mixture of uses. The LeMond seems to be billed as more of a "pure" cross machine, while some others profess to be more utilitarian. Short of keeping a whole stable, how does one figure out what of the cross frames out there is good for what?

(I'm looking for one to do cross-type riding, probably not racing, road, some long rail-trail rides, and maybe a loaded tour or two. Touring is less important as I can rig up the old mountain bike for that.)
re: Cross bikeDarrin
Apr 11, 2001 7:15 PM
For a pure cross bike look at bottom bracket height. A 'cross bike will have a higher BB than a bike that has made compromises to fit a larger demographic. 'Cross bikes will also have the rear brake cable guides on the drive side. Pure race 'cross bikes won't have rack/fender mounts or even H2O bosses.
A "cost is no object" answer to what bike to buy for the type of riding you are describing is the Litespeed Appalachian. If the choice is between the surly and the lemond, then surly for adaptability and lemond for 'cross racing.
Dammit, now I don't know what to get.Craw
Apr 11, 2001 9:28 AM
Thanks for all the info! I really appreciate it! Now I am torn between the two bikes. I originally wanted the Surly, but now after checking out the Lemond, I don't know anymore. The Lemond sure looks a lot nicer. And they're about the same, actually exactly the same in price in my area. The only thing is, the Lemond might get stolen quicker in the city cuz it looks nicer. Maybe? Oh, well. I definately have to test ride them now. Any other thoughts? Help me choose one. I would get both, but....nevermind.
go the Lemondclimbo
Apr 11, 2001 11:11 AM
I was going to get a Surly until the Poprad came out. Nice looking, lighter, well built, great to race, I like the straight fork better.
Dammit, now I don't know what to get.muncher
Apr 12, 2001 2:29 AM
if theft is your only worry - tone it down with some old tubes wrapped around the frame and secured with some zip-ties....
Dammit, now I don't know what to get.Ray Sachs
Apr 12, 2001 6:15 AM
That, or just wrap some electrical tape around key sections of the frame. This'll make a bike look pretty funky pretty fast.
One more choiceshabadu
Apr 13, 2001 1:24 PM
I was in the same boat a few weeks ago...I ended up bumping into a Jamis Nova. It is 631 steel, buy the components are a step-up from the Poprad(Jamis=Tiagra vs Lemond=Sora) for the same $900 price.
a good cross bikeajs122
Apr 16, 2001 3:40 PM
If you haven't had enough suggestions take a look at the Fuji Cross @ Colorado Cycles with Ulterga and Columbus steel for $1199. I bought last years with some minor scraches for $899. Great bike at a great price.I'm just now beginning to appreciate the ride and power form Ulterga.