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Crosscheck, Poprad, or Redline?(2 posts)

Crosscheck, Poprad, or Redline?bike_junkie
Apr 2, 2001 1:16 PM
I want a cross bike for mainly commuting and some basic off-road stuff too. The new Redline Conquest and LeMond both look pretty nice for the price. Parts picks are about the same. The LeMond us U.S. made and goes for about $100 more, but with a steel frame/fork instead of Al, maybe a bit heavier. The complete Surly Crosscheck is about the same price as the Redline, but it's steel and should do the job.
I can also get a Kona for $700, which is a good deal...

Any reason to choose one over the other here? Thanks!
hard choice.climbo
Apr 5, 2001 11:25 AM
you'd have to narrow it down to either alu or steel first. Personally, I prefer steel, especially for MTB rides on a cross bike, alu is harsh after a long ride. Then it's a money/component question. I prefer the Lemond for the extra bucks, nice frame, fairly light and decent components which you can always upgrade later. Go for the frame first, components wear out and break so you'll have to replace them first anyway.