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Attention Southeastern 'crossers! MTB Mania on 4/28(1 post)

Attention Southeastern 'crossers! MTB Mania on 4/28Matt Chester
Apr 2, 2001 11:24 AM
Yo crue:
Just another announcement about a totally sweet event...MTB Mania which is a 100km (62.5 mile) "ride" (the guys in the front treat it as a race...or at least go to set a good time) in Lenoir, NC. I can't say enough about what a great event this is...if you've got even an inkling of digging epic rides, come!

The route (since '99 anyway) is pretty much all gravel fireroad with some dirt/clay jeep trail and some pavement connectors. Although there's technically about 8,000 vertical feet of's not as tough as it sounds since the terrain is pretty rolling and the climbs are never more than a mile or two long. The course record is ~3:59 and the SS record that I set in '99 is 4:35. There's only one hike-a-bike which you can clean if it's dry and you don't get balked (you'd have to take a BIG run at it).

If you've got an SS 'cross bike (or any cross bike for that matter)...this is a good place to rip on it! Brian Smith (GA State 'Cross points champ) should've won it last year but he took a wrong turn! (a sign fell down in the rain) He was riding the same ~30lb. Fuji hybrid with full friction that he won the state championship's all about the motor, yo! :-) I'll be on the first Matt Chester Indie Rock (singlespeed 'cross rig)...

If 62 miles freaks you out a bit...there's also a "Lite" course version which eliminates the hardest climbing and is about 42 miles.

For your entry (can't remember the $$$'s cheap!) get a T-shirt and a really cool low-key mellow bike event with some sweet fireroad cruising and a good bunch of folks (organizers and participants).

Want to know more or register? Follow the link off my site at in the "Epic Rides" section of the Links page. Feel free to contact me if you've got any questions (e-mail me direct - I don't hang out on the forums too much)...I'm not affiliated with this event at all but it's such great way to spend a day, I'm doing a little free promotion for the folks in Lenoir - we need to support low-attitude get-togethers like this!

Right on,