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crankset recomendations?(4 posts)

crankset recomendations?will nesse
Mar 12, 2001 6:36 PM
I am building a cross bike around bianchi 2000 axis aluminum frame and am looking for a decent crankset. what are the pros/cons of a triple vs. a double crank set? MTB 44-tooth cranks abound on the net. is this too small if I am running a 11-32 rear casset? I intend to race cyclocross, but many of my riding buddies have MTBs. hence I still want to feel like a MTB on climbs sometimes (rather than just running past those slow pokes). any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.
thanks, will
re: crankset recomendations?Muncher
Mar 13, 2001 7:50 AM
Can't really see an advantage with double - mebbe a fraction lighter but not a significant amount, and triple will be a touch more expensive to buy. But, you will have much greater range of gearing, which will make you a lot more flexible as to what terrain/gradient you can tackle. 44/11-32 is low, and you would soon run out of legspeed on good flat conditions/road with that combo. You might also get compatibility probs with rear mechs and spacings etc if you are going to go road rear - I would stick with as close to a full gruppo as you can afford to keep everything running nicely together, but others may disagree. For example, my trip is 30/40/50 and 12-24 - there is a post about triple gearings on the old CX site. I would say that if you are using a nice frame like a Bianchi, try to get as much our of it as possible by going triple and high enough to get on the road too without it being frustrated with shifting and low ratio problems.

Just my view, but I hope it helps - enjoy whatever you do...

re: crankset recomendations?Hardcore
Mar 23, 2001 5:05 PM
Don't be a wanker. Run road cranks with a 38/46 or 38/48 gearing ratio, a 13/26 cassette and buy a MTB for MTB riding. In a race, you will not need that easy gearing unless you have not ridden in a cross race before. If you need those small gears in a race, you are destined to be lapped and pulled. Cross is all about POWER.
Mar 29, 2001 8:58 PM
Check out the Full Speed Ahead cross cranks. 38/48 chainrings, 600 grams, square taper or ISIS Drive.