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Can I use a JIS taper BB with a Campy crank?(2 posts)

Can I use a JIS taper BB with a Campy crank?JBF
Feb 7, 2004 4:03 PM
I had a tech person at an un-named manufacturer tell me I could use their standard JIS taper bottom bracket with a Campagnolo square taper crank. He said that the crank would deform a little bit, so he recommended not switching back to a Campy BB afterward. This makes sense to me since the crank is made of soft aluminum and the BB spindle is cro-moly or Ti.

But, I would like some other opinions before I do something that is irreversable. Does anyone else have experiance doing this?
re: Can I use a JIS taper BB with a Campy crank?Rusty Coggs
Feb 7, 2004 5:10 PM
JIS taper starts and ends with a larger cross section than the ISO. The taper angle is the same.The crank arms will not seat quite as far as they should. Many people have run the mismatch,including me with no ill effects. Others have reported buggered cranks.Once you do it you cannot go back the other way.