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removing headset on a fondriest(2 posts)

removing headset on a fondriestBonked
Feb 7, 2004 8:56 AM
i purchased a fondriest off of ebay a month or so ago and would like to cut the fork, but i am having trouble removing the headset expander. the pic below shows where i am, although it was difficult to get a good shot (both pictures are of the same thing, just with different lighting). both the center and outer nuts (i'm not sure what the "outer nut" is, but had to give it a name!) spin freely, but don't seem to be loosening anything. i have also tried grabbing the whole assembly with a needle nose pliers, but it is wedged in there pretty tightly. any thoughts?

thanks a bunch!
re: removing headset on a fondriestgabaguy
Feb 8, 2004 8:23 PM
You should be able to loosen the allen screw in the middle and then turn it upside down and it will drop out. You might try loosening and then GENTLY tapping on the end of the allen wrench to break it free from inside the tube.