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Kestrel NO fault Warranty(2 posts)

Kestrel NO fault Warrantytexbaz
Feb 4, 2004 10:40 AM
Anyone ever send their Kestrel EMS pro handlebars in for the No Fault warranty? reason I ask is yesterday, I decided to install a Kestrel EMS Pro 26.0 clamp onto my Thomson 4 bolt stem (26.0 clamp). No problem, started all 4 bolts snuged by hand then brought them up to final torque in stages starting with 25 in lbs then 45 in lbs but heard a small sound like ice breaking at the 45 in lbs torque. Thomson recomennds 48 in lbs. My Torque wrench gets calibrated every six months so I feel good about the wrench, removed front clamp from stem can't find any stress risers just very very small marks from the front face contact. (looked at with 10X magnifying glass)
This is my first time ever installing a carbon handlebar very fragile even when taking precautions. Oh yeah, I chamfered the edges of the stem and face plate to eliminate any chance of those edges digging into the topcoat?
re: Kestrel NO fault Warrantyterzo rene
Feb 4, 2004 2:31 PM
I talked to Kestrel and they said that noise was OK as long as the stem torque specs were not exceeded. I stopped when I heard it too and then messed up the bar later when it slipped in the stem on a ride, but they still replaced it even though I thought undertightening was pretty much my fault.

Carbon bar manufacturers do seem to prefer 2 bolt stems though since the force is spread over more area.