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Anybody here use Vuelta Airliner Rims(2 posts)

Anybody here use Vuelta Airliner Rimsbimini
Feb 2, 2004 6:55 AM
I need to replace my rims on my training wheels. I had Red OPs but they are now toast.

I've seen some Red Vuelta A2 rims on ebay for a good price. They look similar to the Velocity rims. I will probably go with either the Vuelta or the Velocity Rims. Both come in Red which match my bike and tires.
re: Anybody here use Vuelta Airliner Rimsweltyed
Feb 8, 2004 8:27 AM
i just got a pair off ebay as well., the company probably selling through ebay, allows you to buy the rims directly from them rather than off ebay.

i got a pair of red ones and they doo look sharp. they are the third and fourth wheels i have built, but i have notice a few things during the builds. the seam is riveted rather than just welded. this appears to make it stronger, but it bulks out a bit right at the seam.

i also got my spokes and nipples from icycles. do NOT get the generic alloy nipples. they round off way too easily. other than that, the rims seem to be fine. they are pretty deep and aero, which is nice. i have not been able to ride them, as i am still building the bike and it is still about 15 degrees.

i do have to say i was very happy with icycles. when i got the rims off ebay they were on my doorstep not more than 2 days after payment. buying online directly from their website was easy and products were delivered in a timely fashion.