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Who makes seatposts without setback ?(13 posts)

Who makes seatposts without setback ?Pierre
Jan 31, 2004 7:29 PM
I just bought a Thomson seatpost, where the clamp is directly above the post. Who makes similar seatposts in carbon ?

Second question: are there seatpost with just a bit of setback, that can be used in the other direction to have setforward instead ? I cannot go with a thomson setback seatpost turned forward, the bend is 10cm below the seat, and I think I don't even have that much height out of the seat tube. With 'regular' seatposts, usually if i turn them 180degrees, the clamp doesn't allow me to push the saddle nose low enough.

This is not for having a tri-position or anything, but just because I ride more comfortably with the seat in a forward position.


re: Who makes seatposts without setback ?cyclopathic
Feb 1, 2004 12:25 PM
USE Alien carbon, but it isn't cheap
Not trueCritLover
Feb 1, 2004 6:08 PM
I have the Alien on my main bike and the Thompson on another and tried switching them. It was impossible for me to duplicate the position because of the USE setback (approximately 1-3cm). My saddle set all the way back on the Thompson is equivalent to about halfway on the USE. I shoulda listened to my LBS, they had been telling me it was setback since I bought it. Now mind you, it's not as severe as other setback posts, but it will not give you the same positions of a straight.

I don't know the costs, but both Ax-Lightness and Selcof make a straight carbon post(
either waycyclopathic
Feb 2, 2004 6:11 AM
my bikes need considerable (~2") amount of setback I couldn't use either. From what it sounds USE gives you the best set up, you should aim for middle.

Pierre is LDS junkie, Alien adn X-lightness prob isn't what he wants on his bikes, not b/c of price he needs something stronger. Old composite LPs had no offset as I recall, there might be some still around. Price point has Sette carbon, heavy enough and cheap/50$/ prob what Pierre needs.
FSA K-force lightglia
Feb 1, 2004 6:05 PM
FSA makes a very nice carbon post with setback called the K-force light. One piece carbon fiber construction Italian styling Two bolt clamp design for accurate adjustment Increased setback for correct fit and saddle support Lengths – 250 and 350mm Diameters – 27.2, 29.4, 31.6, 32.4mm Weight – 175 grams

If you are interested email me ( I have an extra one in 350mm that I will sell.
FSA K-force light pictureglia
Feb 1, 2004 6:08 PM

most setback of any carbon. More than the USE Alien. I do have both!
LOOK makes a post with no setbackDave Hickey
Feb 1, 2004 6:37 PM
I'm not sure if you can get it in the US.
syncroswooden legs
Feb 1, 2004 10:25 PM
at pricepoint, nice seatpost originally $130 or so, marked down to $25.
Finding an old Syncros Carbon would have been my suggestion too.russw19
Feb 2, 2004 9:01 AM
While you were giving good advice...Pierre
Feb 2, 2004 4:31 PM
... here is how I was biking :-)

Thanks for the advice, I'll look for the syncros carbon or otherwise buy the one on Pricepoint. I had noticed the USE carbon, but it is crazy expensive. Good to know it has some setback.

About my other question, is there any that can be used when the setback is used as a set-forward ?

While you were giving good advice...russw19
Feb 2, 2004 4:59 PM
For set forward posts you need to look into some triathlon or TT specific posts. I am sure there are plenty of them out there, but I have never shopped for one, so I don't have any recommendations.

re: While you were giving good advice...cyclopathic
Feb 3, 2004 4:34 AM
Profile seems to be popular with my tri friends. I think Pierre'd have the same problem as with Thomson you need enough post to expose. Tri board would be a good place to ask :)
Thomson is neutral, and the setback.v can be set forward nmSpunout
Feb 3, 2004 4:28 AM