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Why Wheel Lust?(6 posts)

Why Wheel Lust?mtnb1kr
Jan 31, 2004 4:50 AM
Why do we lust after prebuilt wheelsets(Ksyriums,7701's, etc...). Almost everyone who ever asks the question Mavics vs. DA/Open Pros gets the same response. Go with the hand built set. Lighter, cheaper, easier repairs. Is it just lust for flash? I too am looking at a set of Ksyriums on ebay but then I wonder why if everyone tells me to go hand built. I am building up a Jamis 853 frame this spring and want new wheels. I currently have a set of Ritchey Aero's but they're 28/32 straight gauge spoke and just lack flash and I feel myself being drawn to the Mavic's too. WHY?
re: Why Wheel Lust?Juanmoretime
Jan 31, 2004 5:10 AM
Eye candy. The Mavic look fast and with those bladed spokes, very appealing. Being a Campy guy, I suffer the same thing. My back up wheels are Wheelsmith built, 32 spoke three a cross with Wheelsmith's equivelent spoke to the DT revolution laced to Mavic black Open Pros and 10 speed Record hubs, great wheels. I still find myself riding my Eurus wheelset 99.9% of the time, Why? they look better even though there is no real performance difference.
Its called "Marketing"SenorPedro
Jan 31, 2004 2:11 PM
The Companies know that what we see and what is hyped is, inevitably, what we will be drawn too. I too admit to wheel lust at times; you can't debate that some wheels just look cool.

Unfortunately, we see people in the Tours riding spiffy Ksyriums, Cosmics, Zipps, and all kinds of full carbon rim/hub/spoke junk. They look awesome, but the riders don't have to worry about long term maintenence or the cost of such wheels, they are just given something light to ride and they go. How many people would really ride some of their wheels or components or frames if they couldn't have a big flashy sticker on them? If that Full carbon or Ti frame was painted, would it be as cool?

Just a rhetorical to you all, I can't claim to be immune - but I am trying. There is definitely a beauty in the simplicity of a handbuilt wheelset, or a nicely lugged frame sans flashy stickers. Just my opinion.

I'll tell you whyKaboom
Feb 1, 2004 2:39 AM
Because Cycling is a hobby. For most of us, its not a means of making money. and cycling is not all about riding. Its like pipe smoking. Its not all about the smoking itself. Its about admiring the pipe, smelling the tobacco, choosing the mixture for the occasion.
Same thing with cycling. I like to look at my bike, lift it off the ground... If it was about making money only, i'd go with D/A open pro's too, but since its one of my favorite hobbies, i go with K elites, even though they are more expensive and presumably perform worse. WHY? because i like them better, i get more enjoyment out of it, and i am willing to dish out a couple hundred more just for that.
re: Why Wheel Lust?mtpisgah
Feb 2, 2004 5:27 AM
I bought a set of Bontrager Aero's because I wanted an aero wheelset with low spoke count. They cost a bit more than a handbuilt set I had thought about but it was the only way to get an aero wheelset with low spoke count. Not many people make low count aero rims for aftermarket use (except Zipp and they are just too expensive).
Wheel lust on a budgetbimini
Feb 2, 2004 10:56 AM
I lust after stiff aero wheels but am a tightwad. Check out ebay, you can get some very nice race wheels on a budget as long as your okay with using 4-5 year old technology.

I have a great set of Campy Shamals I picked up on ebay. Fairly aero, STIFF and bullet proof to the point that they can be used for training wheels. They were the previous owners racing wheels and were in like new condition at a price of $202 including record cassette and Record class hubs. The only draw back is they are a few grams heavier than the Ksyriums, but I don't race up any mountains so weight is not an issue.

I have not ridden the Ksyriums but I believe they are a lot stiffer than the OPs. I have a set of OPs and I can feel the difference between the OPS and Shamals. I like the feel of the Shamals during the sprints. They also improve my top end speed and my times slightly when riding alone.

The next wheel toy I get will be an old freewheel 8 speed disk.