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Cosmos vs Handbuilt ?(7 posts)

Cosmos vs Handbuilt ?MichaelM
Jan 31, 2004 4:02 AM
I'm looking at getting a spare set of wheels, as I seem to be pretty unlucky with snapping spokes (I know - learn to build my own), and even after getting both wheels totally re-built, I was brought down in a group fall, and wrecked the back wheel (wich needed to be re-, re-built).

So a new set of wheels it will be, and I'll take this opportunity to go better than my current 105's on CPX 21's (not that I need anything better, but just because).

I'm thinking of Ultegra hubs on CPX 33's or OP (tales of clicks put me off), which I can get for approx £120. I've heard it said that Mavic Cosmos can be had for that price (I'm web hunting, best price I've seen to date is £165), what's the perceived wisdom of pro's/con's for theese choices?

I'm 185lbs, the local roads are not the smoothest and and I do sometimes get ambushed by the odd pothole, they'll generally be kept as spare, and maybe fitted with some smooth running tyres for club midweek TT.

Thanks for reading.

re: Cosmos vs Handbuilt ?KEN2
Jan 31, 2004 9:19 AM
Well, I have OPs with Ultegra hubs on my fixed gear, and Cosmos on the road bike. I don't think you'll go wrong on either. My OPs were handbuilt, and neither wheelset has ever gone out of true in 2 years of riding. BTW I weigh 190 lbs., although I avoid potholes pretty carefully.

I think the Cosmos are a bit lighter than the other wheels, because they have fewer spokes and the Mavic hubs are a bith lighter. The rims on the Cosmos are essentially OPs anyway; the hubs are adjustable for play with an ingenious tool that Mavic supplies.

I'd say the choice goes to price and aesthetics--personally I like the looks of the Cosmos in black with my bike, but YMMV.
Cosmos vs Handbuilt ?Mike Tea
Jan 31, 2004 11:42 AM
"I seem to be pretty unlucky with snapping spokes"

That says it all. Try this - go to your LBS or e-mail your favorite M/O place and ask for a spoke for Cosmos wheels (or any boutique wheel for that matter) and a spoke for a "normal" wheel. Oh yeah get a price too.

If the reactions to your questions don't put you off the pre-built boutique wheels then nothing will.
Ultegra/CXP33Andy M-S
Jan 31, 2004 12:41 PM
I bought a set of these, 32x 14-15-14 spokes. I weight right around 200#, usually a little less, and I have had ZERO problems with these wheels. For something a little cheaper but otherwise the same, consider Sun ME14A rims--these hold up extremely well.
Hand built it is then.MichaelM
Jan 31, 2004 2:03 PM
Thanks guys,

I was leaning towards the Handbuilt option, but was wondering if I might be missing out on something much better since the Cosmos are usually more expensive (more = better syndrome).

Mike Tea,

If I'd thought of that before posting, I wouldn't have bothered asking! My "luck" with spokes makes the answer so obvious.

Thanks again.

Hand built it is then.Mike Tea
Jan 31, 2004 2:23 PM
Cosmos more expensive? Colorado Cyclist had them for a penny under $200 the last time I looked.

Even though I'm not a fan of pre-built wheelsets I have Cosmos on my new bike. Why? Because the bike was pre-built and I could get a discount as it was a model year old.

I considered selling the Cosmos on e-bay and building my prefered wheels but it's not cost effective seeing what they sell for on e-bay and knowing what a self-built set would cost. I'll just run them until they start falling apart (maybe never eh?) and then junk them.
Just to echo the groupniteschaos
Jan 31, 2004 4:05 PM
I have an open pro set made with ultgra hubs. They have DT revolutions in the front and back with 14g straight on the drive side. I am 190 pounds and I ride the roughest roads of anyone I know. After a year of riding the pothole laiden streets of Atlanta, GA, I trust my wheels completely. The only thing I've seen out there tougher than my wheels is to go 36 spoke instead of 32. hey, you already have twice as many spokes as anything from Shimano or Rolf, so what's 4 more gonna do to slow you down? Or you could go to the CXP33s. If you never wanna true your wheels for the rest of your life, get a pair of hand built 36 spoke CXP33s.

Side note: my bike came with 105/CXP21s and I had to replace the spokes on the rear wheel so many times and they would fail for no reason (sometimes just the increased torque from going up hill) that I was forced to get a new set of wheels. My LBS said that they had problems with the machine built CXP21s that came on a lot of bikes, so there you go. You aren't the only one.