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Cosmos vs Handbuilt ?(1 post)

Cosmos vs Handbuilt ?MichaelM
Jan 31, 2004 2:31 AM
I'm looking at getting a spare set of wheels, as I seem to be pretty unlucky with snapping spokes (I know - learn to build my own), and even after getting both wheels totally re-built, I was brought down in a group fall, and wrecked the back wheel (wich needed to be re-, re-built).

So a new set of wheels it will be, and I'll take this opportunity to go better than my current 105's on CPX 21's (not that I need anything better, but just because).

I'm thinking of Ultegra hubs on CPX 33's or OP (tales of clicks put me off), which I can get for approx £120. I've heard it said that Mavic Cosmos can be had for that price (I'm web hunting, best price I've seen to date is £165), what's the perceived wisdom of pro's/con's for theese choices?

I'm 185lbs, the local roads are not the smoothest and and I do sometimes get ambushed by the odd pothole, they'll generally be kept as spare, and maybe fitted with some smooth running tyres for club midweek TT.

Thanks for reading.