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Any experience with Deda Synapsi?(4 posts)

Any experience with Deda Synapsi?Leak
Jan 30, 2004 3:09 PM
Anyone use one of these stem/bar combos? Any feedback or things to consider if one was interested in buying one?

Does the aero extension end up being helpful or a hinderance?

Thanks in advance for any feedback/insights you can provide!

Not LegalSchvonzie
Jan 30, 2004 3:35 PM
I beleive that these are NOT UCI legal. Your local USCF rep will probably look the other way. Also, you can not adjust the angle of the bar in reference to the stem, so make sure its what you want before you buy. Other than that, its cool as hell. O yea, any crash or hard bump you have to replace since its a CARBON ONE-PIECE bar and stem. Good luck
But the Alanera is, it's also lighter and cheaper.russw19
Jan 30, 2004 10:48 PM
The Alanera is about the same bar without the extension. That's why it's lighter. And unless you find the Synapsi on a closeout sale, the Alanera should be cheaper. I can get you one for $500 if you want one.

But the Alanera is, it's also lighter and cheaper.Leak
Jan 31, 2004 10:22 AM

Yes, the Alanera, or a bar/stem combo like it, would be my preference, but there may be an opportunity for me to get a Synapsi at a price that would rival buying, say, an FSA K-Wing and corresponding stem set-up. In other words, significantly less than the retail of the Alanera. I appreciate the offer though!

The ultimate solution to me would be a flat top bar with a separate stem, but I like the shape of the Synapsi/Alanera/RAM bars more than I do the FSA and unfortunately, neither Deda nor Cinelli are making just the bar by itself. Are there any manufacturers that do?