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Al / Ti / Steel - very good articles(2 posts)

Al / Ti / Steel - very good articlesPeterRider
Jan 27, 2004 10:57 AM
if you have some time to read,

I've read the Titanium article, very well written. Well, maybe all of this is common knowledge, but I knew only a small fraction of it.

re: Al / Ti / Steel - very good articlesEd_at_RepartoCorse
Jan 27, 2004 12:14 PM
I agree they are good articles. The properties of these materials lend themselves to making nice bike frames. Before there were the myriad names for tubesets from the tubing companies like Deda, True Temper, Reynolds, etc., Columbus did make steel tubes (without labels) of varying thickness to be used by framebuilders to provide customers with rides appropriate to their use, style of riding and physical build.

This same process has not changed in practice although the materials have changed. Carbon can be used in the same way as the metal materials to shape a ride into a stiffer or more forgiving ride or combination thereof. Mixed material rides also use the same principle to tune the ride. The pictured 2004 KM04Coppi is an example of the latest trend in mixed material. It carries the idea even further by using Deda's elastomer equipped carbon fork and stays.

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