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Nokian cables/31.8 bar(2 posts)

Nokian cables/31.8 barmtnb1kr
Jan 27, 2004 10:10 AM
A couple of questions. A while back someone posted a pic of a Shimano equiped bike with Nokian cable routed like a Campy setup. It had a real tight bend at the shifter and then routed along the handlebar under the tape. Has anyone done this? What are the thoughts? I like the clean look of Campy but can't afford to dump my DA. 2nd. What is the main advantage to the oversize bar and stem combo. I picked up a bar stem combo at the swap for only $10. It's a Airborne Flyte stem with a Specialized Bar. Any advantage other than I'll have to get an adapter for my Syntace clip ons.
answer only about O/S bar stem comborussw19
Jan 27, 2004 12:43 PM
The idea behind the o/s bar stem combo is that it makes for a stiffer bar. The reason it was needed is so that companies can make 200 to 220 gram aluminium bars without them being a noodle and it also lowers the risk of them snapping. Will you actually notice a difference? No. Not if they did things right. If the bar and stem you bought are any good, they will feel just like heavier and also stiffer older bars. The time you would actually notice is if they didn't get it right, then you would feel your ultralight bars flexing as you got out of the saddle.

Now for a slight rant... there are places on the bike were you shouldn't buy lightweight parts, and there are places where it's fine (my opinion only here folks...) and bars are a place you shouldn't. I don't really mind light stems, as I have never personally seen one break (I have seen sheared alloy bolts, but not a broken stem.) Now that doesn't mean it doesn't happen, I just haven't seen it. But I have seen broken bars. Ever see someone snap a bar while riding? It's nasty! For me, the same goes for pedal spindles and BB spindles. Save weight on parts that won't cause you to crash catastrophically if they break. Seat posts rails, when they snap, it feels weird, but won't cause you to have reconstructive surgery on your face later. Tires, fine, bars, nope. Rant over.... resume your normal day.