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Derailleur pulleys(9 posts)

Derailleur pulleysCurtSD
Jan 26, 2004 8:47 AM
Hello all,
I just discovered that the pulleys on my ultegra derailleur are worn out. Does anyone have opinions on whether Shimano or aftermarket pulleys are better (I've seen Tacx and Carmichael). If the shimano are better, does anyone know of a place to get them, I can't seem to locate any at the usual web sites.

Your LBS should be able to order them from Shimano.MR_GRUMPY
Jan 26, 2004 8:57 AM
I've never seen them on a web site.
re: Derailleur pulleysdivve
Jan 26, 2004 1:49 PM
From what I've seen the Shimano ones are generally the most durable. You might want to ask for the price first however. With Ultegra I think it's worth replacing the pulley wheels, but with DA you might as well buy a whole new derailleur considering the cost of about $45 for the pair of pulley wheels.
Jan 26, 2004 1:53 PM
........just saw that the Ultegra rear derailleur is about $39. The pulleys are around $18-$20 if I recall correctly. Not sure it's worth just replacing them.
Now you're catching on to the Shimano business model!Kerry Irons
Jan 26, 2004 5:03 PM
Price the replacement parts such that people are motivated to buy new components instead. Where you can't justify the pricing, make the parts unavailable or only available when you buy a bunch of other parts. Alternatively, make the component so that parts can't be replaced. Just a little rant on my part.
scrounge for spareswooden legs
Jan 26, 2004 10:39 PM
one of your cycling aquantences probably has a bent or old derailleur of some make or model with compatable pullies, ask around and save some money. i always save my old, broken or dumpstered components for parts, comes in handy more often than not.
prices in NLTom Goos
Jan 27, 2004 3:26 AM
The shimano set will set you back about 20 euro's (ultegra), BBB or Tacx makes them voor 10 or 15 euro(in that order). Both with 2 ball bearings instead of the one shimano ofers(botem weel only)
re: Derailleur pulleysjw25
Jan 27, 2004 9:51 AM
I'm using the Tacx on my TT bike right now. They work very well, as good as Shimano pulleys, run quietly, and aren't too much, if I recall. They come with a bunch of spacers to fit pretty much any derailleur, and will let you convert an older 7/8 speed to work better with 9 speed chain, which is what I did. Just fit slimmer spacers, which moves the pulley cages closer together, and you're good.
Since it's my TT bike, I'd say they've only seen 250-300 miles of use so far, but there's no sign of wear yet.
re: Derailleur pulleysdivve
Jan 27, 2004 10:16 AM
I don't have any experience with Tacx on road bikes. For MTB however the bearings don't last. You'll end up spending more on Tacx than getting the real thing in the first place.