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mystery parts with new STI levers(2 posts)

mystery parts with new STI leversDrD
Jan 24, 2004 8:54 PM
Ok - so included with the levers are two odd end-caps - they are odd because you could put brake housing into either end of them (so they are sort of like to regular end caps stuck together end to end) - the instructions for the levers make no mention of the parts at all. I think they are for the brakes (they are included in the little package with the cable ends for the brakes) and look like they could be used to connect more than one piece of housing together (maybe for a tandem?) anyone have any idea what they are for? (they came with my current and my old set of DA levers) (I just tossed them last time with no apparent ill effects)
Trivia Indeed....Bixe
Jan 25, 2004 3:01 PM
I've a couple pairs of those knocking around in my box, too. That's an Outer Cable Joint. It's for splitting the brake cable housing just where the housing comes out from under the bar tape.

Purpose: Even more trivial. It's intended to make removing the handlebar/lever assembly easier in that it doesn't require unwrapping the bartape. Just undo the cable ends at the brakes and derailleurs and off comes the bar, levers and cables in a single assembly.

I'm suggesting trivial because installation is ignored in the service instructions. But someone else will be along momentarily to tell us all what the point is. My guess: Shipping purposes, or using the same bike with time trial bars... you get the idea.