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Need help: Aerobars and shifters/brakes levers?(6 posts)

Need help: Aerobars and shifters/brakes levers?Ledrocnoc
Jan 23, 2004 8:47 AM
I am a mountain bike rider converted to road bike (after dual ACL surgery - yeah, both knees! - the doc said no Mountain Bike for a while!) and I have a hard time getting used to the drop bars.

My biggest gripes are the reach (and time it takes) to get to the brakes and I find the position pretty uncomfortable especially when going downhill and having to keep a finger on the brake lever.

I am thinking about switching to the bullhorn (areo) type bars (like a Profile Airwing Handlebar -

I am wondering if I can still use my Shimano (8 speed Sora) shifters/brakes combo levers or I will have to switch to something else?

Comments, suggestions?


re: Need help: Aerobars and shifters/brakes levers?JimP
Jan 23, 2004 10:04 AM

I doubt that riding with the TT type bars will be more comfortable for you. The TT bars will drop you further than riding with your hands on the hoods and usually aren't as comfortable as the normal drop bars. I ride with my hands on the hoods and usually don't have to move my hands down to the drops. I can shift and brake by rotating my hands on the hoods.

If you do switch to the TT bars, I also doubt that shifting will be that easy with your Sora brake/shifter levers. Most people with TT bars now use bar-end shifters on an aeroextension since they will be holding on to the aerobar.

re: hands on the hoods is ok but...Ledrocnoc
Jan 23, 2004 2:15 PM
I end up riding a lot with my hands down on the "hoods" (which I assume refers to the position with the hand resting on top of the shifter/brake assembly, forward of the bars), but

1 / on long steep bumpy dowhills (i.e. in the SF Bay Area Tunitas Creek, Old La Honda, Alpine Road, Page Mill, etc...) it pretty painful for the hands

2 / on really steep downhills where I have to use the brakes a lot (sorry, I don't really enjoy going 40 mph in turns on two tires with a contact patch totalling about 1" square!), repeated strong braking from the hood causes me to get cramps (not safe)!

Are the TT bars ends lower?

If I mount my Shimano Sora brakes / shifter at the end of a TT type bar, I am concerned that shifting (using the detente spring driven side - i.e. the small trigger on the inside side of the shifter) will be out of reach.
For the adjustment, I would suggest top mount levers...TFerguson
Jan 23, 2004 12:01 PM
This way you can brake from the tops until you (if ever) get comfortable with road bars. (I've never given mine up.) Both the top mount and the normal brakes still work.


(Picture borrowede from The Walrus on the CX board.)
For the adjustment, I would suggest top mount levers...Ledrocnoc
Jan 23, 2004 1:55 PM
I suspect you have to use some sort of splitter to make both the regular and the top mount levers work. Where to you get the parts (top mount levers, splitters).

Here is one source for the levers...TFerguson
Jan 24, 2004 6:03 PM

I also have a used set of the Pauls that I will sell you for $45 shipped. They were mounted, cabled and removed - never actually used.

You do not need a splitter of any sort. Here are the directions from the frog-legs, which I use.

The first ones were actually homemade from MTB levers. They work like if you took a MTB brake and drilled a hole so that the inside cable could go right on through. Then you put another piece of housing from there to the road brakes. When you pull the MTB brake lever, it separates the 2 pieces of housing which pulls the cable tight. I'm not explaining it well, sorry.

Post a question on how they work on the cyclocross board. Those guys will have a thousand pictures as well as recommendations.