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Seatpost Recommendation(7 posts)

Seatpost RecommendationBoilerboy
Jan 18, 2004 4:57 PM
Hello, I recently purchased a Kestrel Talon Road Bike. I am wanting to replace the American Classic 2 piece seatpost that came with the bike. I have mainly been researching the Thomson and Easton Carbon (EC70). My concern with the Easton is the 25mm setback. I think the American Classic has an equivalent of a 10mm setback. I am going to use the bike mainly for road riding, and an occasional sprint triathlon. Any recommendations on a seatpost? I have read the reviews, and am looking for more info. Thanks in advnace.

You want a recommendation?Nessism
Jan 18, 2004 5:23 PM
Save your money and keep the American Classic. There is no functional advantage to changing it out.

Just my $0.02. And overpriced at that.

You want a recommendation?Boilerboy
Jan 18, 2004 5:32 PM
Yep, that was another option I have, and I may do that. One thing I didn't mention was the shop I bought the bike in will give me full retail credit ($39.95) for the American Classic towards any other post. I heard a Carbon post will observe the bumps more and make the ride more comfortable.
Jan 18, 2004 7:17 PM
Carbon seatposts don't really make the ride any better from what I've found - plus they have other issues such as becoming stuck, getting damaged when tightening the clamp and sometimes failing. Do as the original poster suggested - keep the AC - it is a quality post which will likely serve you better.
re: Seatpost Recommendationtexbaz
Jan 18, 2004 8:23 PM

I had An American classic seat post, I rode it for about 1 year. Started getting creaking noise fron the rail attach plates. My saddle had Ti rails and the Anodized finish on the plates galled, and pitted the rails (yeah,I had lubed the rails lightly also). I contacted American Classic they sent me new plates but I didn't trust the saddle anymore. I also, wanted a more forward riding position and opted for a Thomson Elite, they are great easy to adjust and dependable
all seat post are no created equal. If you will only ride occasionaly then the AM should be fine but, I would not use one as my primary.
Another data pointNessism
Jan 19, 2004 10:32 AM
I've used AM Classis seat posts on a varity of bikes for many a year. Never had any issues with noise or otherwise while under my 165 lb. butt.

The only seat post I've ever had any issue with is a Campy Record carbon post; it makes a creak noise from the head area. Never noticed any vibration damping either.

I like my ThomsonDINOSAUR
Jan 19, 2004 8:32 AM
I have a Thomson Elite, non-setback on my main ride. I have to push my saddle all the way back in it's rails in order to dial in my saddle position. I switched to a Salsa Shaft for about 6 months and the difference was using the same position the Salsa was in the middle of it's rails. The Salsa did shift once and awhile and I constantly had to recheck the tilt. Finally I stipped one of the cam bolts caused by constantly fooling around with it and I pulled it off and put the Thomson back on. The Thomson is a good post, you can dial in your exact tilt and it stays in place.
Someday I will upgrade to a Thomson setback, but for now the non-setback is working fine. I know nothing about Carbon posts.....