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Polar Power option, oversized handlebar problem(1 post)

Polar Power option, oversized handlebar problemglia
Jan 17, 2004 7:22 PM
I have just finished installing the power option for my Polar S-720 that I have been using for many months with good success. Unlike the regular watch mount, which can be foreced over almost any handlebar and which will nicely fit a 31.8 mm handlebar, the watch mount for the power option, which contains the battery for the whole system, does not fit on an oversized bar. I have attached it with zip ties on a neoprene sleeve to protect the carbon bar for the time being but was hoping that someone has already come up with a better idea. Aren't there any third party add-ons that attach in front of the stem to allow mounting of cyclocomputers, heart rate monitors and the likes?