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New Headset time(3 posts)

New Headset timeboneman
Jan 17, 2004 6:46 AM
Looking at something different for a new frame with a 1" threadless fork. I have two Chris King equipped bikes (their stuff is too expensive in the UK as in $210+, plus I have to order tooling for the headset press) and also both Chorus and Record from Campag. All of them are still in the running but looking at something different.

Thinking about FSA Orbit Xtreme, Cane Creek S-2, or Ritchey WCS. Any experience with these including if they need anything special tooling to use with a Cyclus Headset press?
re: New Headset timegrandemamou
Jan 17, 2004 4:28 PM
Not really impressed with Cane Creek. My old frame had an integrated CC and it just never seemed to be adjusted correctly it was either too loose or too tight. There is a guy with one on his litespeed with the same problem a couple of posts down.

My new Bianchi carbon has an FSA. Popped it in and it is really smooth. So far so good. Sorry I can't help you more but I have never used the models you were asking about.

FWIW my Gios has a Chorus headset thats about 12 years old and zero problems. If I had to replace it the same one would go on it.
re: FSAcyclopathic
Jan 18, 2004 1:15 PM
I have 2 FSA OrbitX (one of them on MTB bike) and it is really nice set, very smooth, has Chris King looks and good value for 20$. However after 2 years of MTB abuse I had to take lower bearing out and repack cartridge bearing, grease dried out and it got contaminated by water.

Not really surprised as it is basically road headset, and it's been very wet. Should admit seals on it are only so-so and they must have used better grease. Other then that good headset, I'd buy one in a heartbeat