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need help with Time Impact Mag pedals(2 posts)

need help with Time Impact Mag pedalsdan K
Jan 16, 2004 11:28 PM
Feel kind of moronic asking, but here goes.
A local rider gave me a pair of Time Impact Mag pedals, but I didn't get any instructions. The website tells me very little about the SET and the Q Factor option. I assume the SET is the allen screw on the side, and it adjusts how hard it is to click out, right? And where is the 2.5mm +/- Q factor adjuster?

I'd like to start on the easiest setting...
Some answersboneman
Jan 17, 2004 2:07 AM
You're correct on the SET and its adjustment. It not only makes it harder to click in and out, it also increases or reduces the resistance in the side to side float allowed in the pedal.

The Q factor adjustment- Hold the pedal so the as though your shoe were on top and parralel to the ground. You'll look into the well, in front of where the rear cam goes and there is a small allen screw. Sliding the metal part it locks down is how you adjust the Q factor.