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9 spd dura ace w/ 10 speed record(3 posts)

9 spd dura ace w/ 10 speed recordTimp
Jan 11, 2004 7:46 PM
I bought a new bike and now need parts. I have 9 spd dura ace Ksyriums and want to use them. Anyone know the interchangeability between these wheels and 10 speed dura ace and 10 speed record?

You should be able to go either wayB2
Jan 12, 2004 3:00 AM
The DA 10 speed cassettes are supposed to fit Shimano 9 speed hubs.

If you purchase and install a Campy freehub cassette body for the Ksyriums you can run Campy 10 speed. I think the the freehub body is about $80. A lot of LBS stock one or two Campy freehub bodies (if they sell the K's that is).

not all ksyriums can be changed to campy...C-40
Jan 12, 2004 6:11 AM
Only 2001 and newer ksyriums have the new design hub that will accept the campy cassette body.