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Ritchey/Mizuno carbon fork(3 posts)

Ritchey/Mizuno carbon forkPDF
Jan 9, 2004 9:08 AM
Does anyone have any experience with either the new Ritchey carbon fork and/or carbon forks by Mizuno? Apparently the Ritchey fork is made by Mizuno. This will be my first carbon fork and was wondering about any qaulity or ride related experiences.
re: Ritchey/Mizuno carbon fork52-16SS
Jan 9, 2004 9:29 AM
Mizuno forks are used on many Fondriest bikes, I've had no problem with mine (MC Full, I think), but it's only seen half a years usage. Mizuno is an oldy in the CF segment and should know what they are doing. I believe the DeRosa King is made of Mizuno tubing + fork.

Mizuno carbon forks- Pesentiboneman
Jan 10, 2004 9:09 AM
Mizuno forks have been around for a long time although distribution hasn't been great in the States until the last few years. They were made for Mizuno by Pesenti. Unclear if they are actually made in Italy or the Far East and if that arrangement remains but it doesn't matter for me.

I've had a Pesenti straight bladed fork with alloy steerer and fork crown for about two years. Ridden it over 5,000 miles before I destroyed the bike frame in an accident. The fork, surprisingly, looks okay on a visual basis. If I get a chance, I'll have it scanned by someone involved in aircraft maintenance but for now, I'm not using it. During its time I really liked the fork's lateral stiffness which was great in cornering and descents. It was also quite stiff when climbing or sprinting out of the saddle and yet absorbed the minor road buzz. The best carbon fork I've ridden is the Star on the C40 and I enjoyed riding on the Pesenti almost as much. It's also much better than the Look HCS-2 straight blade fork I also have on another bike and which is a complete noodle.

I also have an ITM fork, made by Mizuno (Pesenti??) which I bought to put on the crashed bike's replacement. This one's likewise stiff laterally but a bit more compliant in the vertical plane. Curved blades with an alloy steerer and fork crown. A good match for the Al straight guage tubing frame that I use.

I just got an Alpha Q Sub 3 which I'm going to use as a replacement for the Look. It looks much more substantial. The Look was good at the time I got it in the beginning of 1999 but forks have improved since that time.

As other riders have mentioned, the Mizuno is now spec'd on a number of higher end frames so maybe those Fondriest owners can chime in. I find them to be well made, comfortable to ride and good in cornering, and descending. Can't ask for much more.