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Need advise on bike choice(3 posts)

Need advise on bike choiceskareb
Jan 9, 2004 7:57 AM
I'm currently riding a mountain on slick and thinking to get a roadbike once and forall. My question is I've done my research and short list to 2 bikes

1. 2004 Giant TCR2 complete bike but upgrade to Ultegra group, xero XR1 wheelset etc or

2.2003 Giant Team TCR frame (custom built) with ultegra, Xero XR1 wheelset etc

They both cost the same, the thing is I'm not sure if the Team frame would be better than the built up bikes has to offer. Are there any different between the 2 in terms of performance or only graphic/color?

2nd Ques is there a lot of difference between 105 and Ultegra? Any input would be appreciated cos this is the first time I'm getting a roadbike and I wouldn't want to be stuck with something I couln't sell later. Most of my riding currently on my mountainbike is hilly terrain ride would last around 4 hrs over 90Km
re: Need advise on bike choiceinnergel
Jan 9, 2004 10:26 AM
The difference between 105 and Ultegra would be comparable to the difference between LX and XT in the mtb world. The shifting is probably not a crisp with 105, and 105 is a little heavier, but it's perfectly fine and plenty durable. An Ultegra bike MIGHT be a bit easier to sell in the long run, depending on the other components.

I can't give any comments on those two bikes other that pick the one that fits the best.
re: Need advise on bike choiceKiwi Rider
Jan 9, 2004 4:54 PM
If you are talking about the composite frames, the team frame has a carbon steerer, where as the tcr2 has alluminium. That is the only difference, all other composite frames (TCR 1, and 0) have carbon steerers aswell. IMO, the '03 team frame looks best (unless you don't support ONCE any more).

Kiwi Rider