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New Wheels-need advice?(2 posts)

New Wheels-need advice?ds5200
Jan 9, 2004 7:44 AM
Working on my new Ti build any would like some advice on a good all around wheel set. Only want to have one set- use will be fast group rides, centuries, training. Weight is 175 and I currently use Rolf vector pros with no problems. Considering the 04 Ksyiums SL's. What do you think? Anything else to consider? Maybe Velomax or AC or D/A open pros?

Ultegra Open Pros worked well for me.niteschaos
Jan 9, 2004 3:09 PM
I'm 180 and a sprinter and I do fast group rides and races on the crappy streets of Atlanta. 32 spoke front a rear, 3-cross all the way around, 14/17 DT Revolution spokes everywhere but drive-side where I used straight 14s, built by Colorado Cyclist. 2000 miles on them and never had to touch them. Cost me about 250 bucks.

I did one crit on them that was so rough I bent my handlebars, but I didn't knock the wheels out of true.